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Solar Financing

Solar Financing
Solar power systems have high initial cost. When the cost is spread across the total lifespan of the system, the average cost is lower than conventional alternatives. In general, nobody wants to look that far into the horizon. It is not possible for people to part with a large sum of money at once. Hence, access to financing is the key to development of solar in rural as well as urban areas. 
To assure that our customers have access to credit at the door-step, we have partnered with regional rural banks (Gramin Bank) and commercial banks. Pushan supports its customers to obtain the necessary credit to purchase solar power systems.

Solar loan distributed to
Our goal is to create a financing ecosystem that makes credit facility for solar easily available like car and home loans. The low and middle income consumers can actually afford a solar home system if they get the option of payment over a period of time. We suggest solar products to our customers based on their need and the repayment amount that match their regular energy expenditure of kerosene, mobile charging and batteries.


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