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Meaning of Pushan

Pushan is a Vedic Solar Deity. The name of the deity is derived from the Sanskrit verb, “Pushyati” which means “nourish” or "cause to thrive". Pushan means, "one who causes people to thrive" or “one who nourishes the life”.

हिरण्मयेन पात्रेण सत्यस्यापिहितं मुखम्।
तत् त्वं पूषन्नपावृणु सत्यधर्माय दृष्टये॥

Hiranmayena Patrena Satyasya Apihitam Mukham
Tat Twam Pushan Apavrinu Satya Dharmaye Drishtaye.

(Isha Upanishad, Verse 15)

The truth is covered by golden dazzling orb. O Pushan, please unveil the covering so that the truth is revealed.


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