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      Empower Yourself with Energy from the Sun


We provide high quality on-site installation of solar power systems irrespective of customer’s location and type of house. The quality of installation is an important factor in determining the long-term performance of a solar power system. We take satisfaction in our installation that meets the highest standards in every home.

Delivering solar at the door-step is our commitment
We install in remote areas where there is no road. We carry systems and walk a long distance to reach the un-electrified home. No electricity had ever reached them until we brought solar.We have walked several kilometers in deep mud to reach our customer’s home.

"Safety First" is our conviction
We meet with various challenges during installation. We strictly follow our safety rules and try to innovate as much as we can under the difficult conditions. We maintain a continuous improvement program on our safely policy.
We install solar panels on all different types of roof, which also tells the economic condition of our customers. The roof with Indian tiles poses special challenges as they are very fragile.

Quality Installation
For us the quality installation means proper connection of the system with concealed wiring regardless of the type of house. We make sure that one light is placed in the cooking area so that the women have light while cooking. We provide training on how to use the system after the installation and later follow-up regularly to make sure that the system is being used as per our guidelines.


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