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      Empower Yourself with Energy from the Sun

Income Generation

Pushan is empowering individuals to run their businesses by using solar power system.

An un-electrified shop is running a photocopy and e-mail facility by using solar power. Before solar they were using a kerosene gen set. Difficulty in availability of kerosene, fumes & soot and the cost posted huge problem in their business. Now they truly feel empowered and are growing their business by providing on-time service to their customers.

Solar Powered Mobile Charging Kiosk

In Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, people travel several km to charge their mobile

Pushan has convinced some locals shops to start mobile charging kiosk in their own neighborhood

They have received bank loan to start the business

After repayment of their loan, entrepreneurs are earning over 20,000 as an additional income annually

Solar Powered Sewing Machine

For un-electrified shops / homes or where there is long hours of power cut and sometimes, due to a fault, power does not come for several days, Inverter – Battery system does not work

Pushan is encouraging village tailors to use solar powered sewing machine

This is improving their productivity and increasing income

After the repayment of the bank loan the entrepreneur is making a profit of additional 40,000 annually

Solar Lighting in shops

Corner stores in urban areas are using solar for lighting.They are saving the cost towards a commercial connection and higher electricity bill .A rural shop is kept open in the evening and gets extended business ever day with the help of solar power

A rural women is running her shop using solar light

A garment shop owner has installed solar for lighting his shop in the evening


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