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      Empower Yourself with Energy from the Sun

Centralized & De-Centralized

Centralized, MW scale Solar Installation
Decentralized , W – kW scale installation on individual household/facility/rooftop

Centralized, MW scale Solar Installation

Requires large area of land for mounting solar panels

Electricity produced in a power plant, fed to the grid and transmitted across a distances to bring to a house

Poor residential grid quality in India leads to significant transmission loss through lines

Mainly large corporates can participate in the project

Fewer worker per MW

Less job creation

Solar does not reach at the grass-root level to the underserved

We are using large areas of land to generate renewable energy and then loosing more than 25% in transmission while bringing it to the last mile.

Decentralized , W – kW scale installation in individual household / facility / rooftop

Uses the existing space on the roof / facility

Electricity produced in individuals homes

No transmission loss

No large capital intensive infrastructure required

Solar system with storage battery - no burden on the grid

More resilient to natural disasters & technical faults

Employs more people per MW

Small / medium Enterprises can flourish

More Job creation

Does not take away precious land and vegetation. Does not put pressure on rapid grid infrastructure development. The electricity is produced where it is needed

Gives power to people - People can generate electricity themselves Irrespective of their economic condition & location

Pushan believes that a Sustainable Solution for India is a combination of decentralized and centralized Solar Energy Development .


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