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      Empower Yourself with Energy from the Sun

Solar Awareness

Raising Awareness
People who grew up without electricity or with very unreliable power supply do not see a pressing need for light. They have adjusted their lifestyle around unavailability and unreliable nature of power supply.Due to low human development index in the area, women’s energy needs and children’s education are not given due importance.We generate an understanding of solar as a better alternative to unreliable rural lighting.
We are building confidence in bankers for providing solar financing.

Generate Interest
We generate interest in adopting Solar technologies for energy self-sufficiency. In rural areas, we develop consensus for solar lighting that vividly improves the living standards of poor households by replacing kerosene.
We build recognition of solar power as a tool that directly improves living standards, income generation, productivity, business opportunity and job creation.We regularly give demos to various groups in urban and semi-urban areas to promote solar.

Women & Energy Access
Women in India are taught, since birth, that they have to adjust, compromise and live their lives as told. Women in rural India generally do not know any other way. Some even feel proud that they can adjust better compared to others. Women spend most of their time inside home. In rural area, men, the decision of the family spend much less time inside their home as most of the activities happen outdoors.
Pushan gives demos to women groups to raise awareness on solar and how it can impact their lives.

The Siver Lining
People who have used our solar solution and services have understood the value of energy availability during the hour of need. Today our women beneficiaries are our brand ambassadors.


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