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      Empower Yourself with Energy from the Sun

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Why Pushan

We bring solar power to people’s home

We provide an integrated solution with high quality solar energy products, transportation, on-site installation and local after sales service

We link you with your neighborhood bank for solar financing

Our innovation is in implementation of renewable energy based livelihood solutions in remote areas of Madhya Pradesh where access to energy is poor.

We develop rural entrepreneurs by training them on solar installation & after sales support as well as Solar Sales & Marketing

We raise awareness on benefits of renewable energy and how solar power can meet people’s energy demands.

We persuade urban home owners to adopt solar so that they can produce a part of their required energy themselves on their rooftop and attain energy self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Power When You Need, Where You Need

For your home and business

Women Empowerment

Self Reliance & Energy Independence

New Skill, New Job

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Our Innovative Projects

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